Open MIC Sessions

These are informal jamming sessions performed by local talent.  Enjoy some music, tea, snacks and socialize.  The performers are local amateur musicians and advanced students of music. Occasionally we may host a lec-dem on an interesting subject in music as part of this series. Anyone passionate about music can participate.  Let creative side of you shine!

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November 13, 2022 :

Venue: Vaishnavi Kondapalli Residence

  1. Chaitanya Bhave (Vocal), Yogesh Karale (Tabla), Sagar Tayade (Harmonium)
  2. Swati Panda (Vocal), Harshad Tole (Tabla), Sagar Tayade (Harmonium)

December 11, 2022 :

Venue: Sonali Dandekar Tambe Residence

  1. Amey Bansod (Vocal), Yogesh Karale (Tabla), Hirak Modi (Harmonium)
  2. Samir Bildikar (Vocal), Yogesh Karale (Tabla), Hirak Modi (Harmonium)

January 29, 2023 :

Venue: Rajesh Godbole Residence

  1. Nitin Joshi (Vocal), Kavya Veleti (Harmonium), Naikaj Pandya (Tabla)
  2. Sonali Dandekar Tambe (Vocal),  Yogesh Karale (Tabla), Hirak Modi (Harmonium)

February 26, 2023 :

Venue: Rajesh Godbole Residence

  1. Reeshabh Purohit (Vocal), Hirak Modi (Harmonium), Pranav Ghatraju (Tabla)
  2. Jawwad Noor (Sitar), Pranav Ghatraju (Tabla)

March 26, 2023 :

Venue: Milind Ranade Residence

  1. Pranav Ghatraju (Tabla Solo), Kavya Valiveti  (Harmonium)
  2. Sanchari Bhattacharya (Vocal), Yogesh Karale (Tabla), Hirak Modi (Harmonium)

November 5, 2023 :

Venue: Vikaasa Ramdas Residence, Natick

  1. Murky Clouds (Hindustani - Carnatic Fusion)
    Vikaasa Ramdas - Electric Mandolin
    Hirak Modi - Harmonium
    Yogesh Karale - Tabla
    Sarah Riley - Piano
  2. Ashwini Paranjape Ranade (Vocal), Harshal Tole (Tabla), Hirak Modi (Harmonium)
  3. Kaavya Valiveti (Harmonium Solo), Naikaj Pandya (Tabla)

December 3, 2023 :

Venue: Milind Ranade Residence

  1. Vaishnavi Kondapalli (Vocal), Pranav Ghatraju (Tabla),  Varun Kelkar (Harmonium)
  2. Naikaj Pandya (Tabla Solo)
  3. Ashwini Purohit (Vocal), Naikaj Pandya (Tabla),  Varun Kelkar (Harmonium)

January 21, 2024 :

Venue: Vaishnavi Kondapalli Residence

  1. Igor Iwanek (Harmonium Solo), Harshal Tole  (Tabla)
  2. Ria Dey (Vocal), Harshal Tole (Tabla),  Varun Kelkar (Harmonium)
  3. Nitin Pandit (Santoor), Rajesh Pai (Tabla)

February 25, 2024 :

Venue: Milind Ranade Residence

  1. TBD
  2. Sudha Subbaraman (Vocal), Yogesh Karale (Tabla), Hirak Modi (Harmonium)
  3. Samir Bidlikar (Vocal), Yogesh Karale (Tabla), Hirak Modi (Harmonium)

March 24, 2024 :

Venue: Rajesh Godbole Residence

  1. Yogesh Karale (Tabla Solo)
  2. Anjali Dhodapkar (Vocal), Yogesh Karale (Tabla), Hirak Modi (Harmonium)
  3. Achyut Joshi (Vocal), Yogesh Karale (Tabla), Hirak Modi (Harmonium)

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