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Annual Membership of the Shadaj-Baithak Series

In a calendar year, typically, Shadaj-Baithak series comprises of 6 concerts. A day before the concert, one can participate in an enriching conversation with the artist in a music appreciation session.  Shadaj annual membership will get you a free entry to all the Shadaj-Baithak concerts and music appreciation sessions arranged in a calendar year. Following are the categories for the annual membership: 

  • Individual :  $150
  • Family :  $275 (2 adults + children under 18)
  • Patron :  $500 (2 adults + children under 18)

Members need to RSVP and arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time to secure a seat as concerts often get oversubscribed.
* Tickets and Memberships are not tax deductible.  

Patron Membership

$ 500
(Additional 3% paypal service fee will be applied)

Family Membership
(2 adults + 2 children under 18)

(Additional 3% paypal service fee will be applied)

Individual Membership

(Additional 3% paypal service fee will be applied)