Yes, We need Volunteers

Get involved with Shadaj and help us promote Indian Classical Music. There are many ways to get involved and develop your skills while helping out a great cause.

Graphic Designer: Designing flyers and images for print media or online

Writing: Write press briefings, pre, and post-concertarticles/reviews

Publicity and Outreach: Help us reach out to diverse audiences and event publicity. Collaborate with community organizations, and build partnerships.

Fundraising and Grant writing: Need fuel to run any organization!

Venue and Facilities: Scouting and coordination with the venues in the greater Boston area

Artist Hospitality: Help us host the visiting artists. Spend time with the artists.

Concert day help:  Ushering, transportation, pre-concertsetup, post-concertpack up

Web Master: You will be responsible for updating and improving the Shadaj.

Social Media:  Help us promote Shadaj events by building social media campaigns with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Content Management:  Create, edit, publish and manage content (Audio, Video, Pictures, Written Text)

Photography: Shoot event day pictures

Video shooting and Editing: Creative video shooting and editing of Shadaj events

Sound Engineering: Help out and learn sound engineering at Shadaj concerts

For more information about this, please reach out to: