Hindustani Classical Flute Concert
Praveen Godkhindi and Shadaj Godkhindi (Flute) with Kiran Godkhindi

Hindustani Classical Flute Concert by Pravin Godkhindi and Shadaj Godkhindi with Kiran Godkhindi (Tabla)

​​Friday, June 14,  8 pm : Concert
Venue : 103 Laconia St, Lexington, MA 02420​ (Residence of Tushar and Preeti Walhekar)

Tickets :   www.shadaj.org   (FREE : Members,  $30 : Non-members)

Become a SHADAJ Member :  http://shadaj.org/membership.html

Please be seated 15 minutes before the start time.
Due to limited capacity, chair seating reserved for members with RSVP only.

Shrinivas Sane: 508-494-4160 (shinusane@hotmail.com)
Milind Ranade: 409-201-7110 (milindmranade@gmail.com)

Praveen Godkhindi and Shadaj Godkhindi (Flute)
Kiran Godkhindi (Tabla)

Praveen Godkhindi, a multifaceted artist, was born in a family of musicians. Praveen took lessons in Kirana Gharana Gayaki style from his father Pandit Venkatesh Godkhindi, an eminent vocalist and flute artist of India. Over the years, Praveen developed Gaatkari or Tantakari style on his own. Through sheer passion, dedication and creativity, Pravin has taken the musical world by storm, winning numerous awards and high acclaim around the world. Pravin’s talent lies in his incredible control over rhythm, and in his creative musical style. By fusing influences from Western, Jazz and Carnatic (south Indian classical) music, he has developed a sound for the Bamboo flute that is captivating and soulful.
Shadaj Godkhindi, disciple of his father Praveen Godkhindi, is a young and talented flute artist and will perform duet with his father.