Pandit Sajan Misra - Swaransh Misra (Vocal)
sajan swaransh

Hindustani Classical Vocal Concert by Padmabhushan Pandit Sajan Misra and Swaransh Misra
with Ashis Sengupta on Tabla and Vinay Mishra on Harmonium

A tribute concert in memory of late Padmabhushan Pandit Rajan Misra

A Shadaj Baithak event
in collaboration with Learnquest Academy

Sunday, May 12th 2024, 5 pm
Venue: Pilgrim Congregational Church, 55 Coolidge Avenue, Lexington, MA02421
Tickets: $30


  • This concert is an additional concert outside of the 2024 Shadaj Baithak Series. It is a ticketed concert and it is NOT a free concert for members.
  • Please allow sufficient time to park, register and to be seated 15 mins before the start time.


Ketki Purandare Limaye: 716-907-2084
Milind Ranade: 409-201-7110


Padmabhushan Pandit Sajan Misra is a distinguished Indian classical vocalist renowned for his contributions to the Hindustani classical music tradition. He was born into the Banaras gharana, a lineage celebrated for its profound musical heritage, which deeply influenced his style and approach to music. Pandit Sajan Misra, along with his brother, Pandit Rajan Misra, formed a duo that became famous for their deep and emotive renditions of khayal, a form of Hindustani classical vocal music. Pandit Sajan Misra received his musical education from his grandfather's brother, Bade Ram Das Ji Mishra, from their father, Hanuman Prasad Mishra, and from their uncle, sarangi virtuoso, Gopal Prasad Mishra. His music is characterized by its purity, technical finesse, and soul-stirring quality. Throughout his career, he has performed at numerous prestigious music festivals and concerts both in India and abroad, earning accolades for his virtuosity and deep understanding of musical intricacies.

Swaransh Misra is the son of Pandit Sajan Misra and an accomplished vocalist in his own right. Apart from Hindustani Classical Music, he enjoys playing Western Instruments like Guitar and Synthesizer and has also composed some heart-melting compositions. He not only composes melodies but also writes songs.

Ashis Sengupta is a dynamic, versatile Tabla player and belongs to the Banaras gharana. He received his initial training from his father Shri Ranjit Kumar Sengupta and was later groomed by Pandit Nanku Maharaj, Pandit Mahapurush Mishra and by Pandit Krishna Kumar Ganguly. His highly aesthetic perception of the Tabla has enabled him to reach the most profound depth of this extraordinary instrument. A recipient of ‘Taalmani’ award and a most sought after artist, his accompaniments are marked by a rare sense of aesthetics, grace and sweetness. Both as a soloist and an accompanist to a wide variety of musicians, he is equally adept in the accompaniment of classical and semi-classical vocal music, instrumental music as well as kathak dancing.

Vinay Mishra is an accomplished harmonium player born and brought up in Varanasi, currently serving as a faculty member of the Department of Music, Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, University of Delhi. He underwent rigorous training in Harmonium playing for more than 15 years under the tutelage of Ustad Mehtab Khan Pandit Appa Saheb Jalgaonkar. He also has a PhD degree in Music.